Red Carpet Favorites: Billboard Music Awards

With a music awards red carpet, you just never know what you are going to get. However, with this year’s Billboard Music Awards, I was pleasantly surprised. At least for the most part… you know there’s always a couple crazies in every crew! Between gowns that I am severely jealous of {hello Carrie!!}, beautiful makeup {hello Zooey!!}, and super funky fun hair {hello Lacey!!}. I was loving so much… Here are my favorites from the evening…

{Carrie Underwood}

{Katy Perry}

{Zooey Deschanel}

{Julie Bowen}

{Julianne Hough}

{Lacey Schwimmer}

{images via Just Jared, ExtraTv}

The Shape of My Heart

Yesterday’s weather here was beyond amazing. 72 degrees in February? I will take it! I am so not ready to pull my scarves and boots out again this weekend for the incoming cold weather. Instead, I want to focus on all the amazing BRIGHT colors and fabulously fun shapes that are popping up everywhere. There’s no better way to usher in spring than with happy colors…besides painting those bright colors onto a super funky and out of the box-shaped dress. A dress with a crazy shape or subtle embellishment, is just the ticket to curing your winter blues.

{images via}

And guess what’s coming up?! The Academy Awards! The red carpet fashion to end all red carpet fashion. Get excited!!!

Red Carpet Favorites: The Grammy Awards

Sometimes you just never know what you will get from a Grammy red carpet. But this one actually left me quite delighted. I had a solid set of gowns I absolutely adored. Of course, it still is the Grammys so there was also a large set of complete crazies…you can be sure this week’s Weird Wednesday will be chock full of some nutty red carpet looks! For now, let’s focus on the glamor of the evening. I was head over heels for so many of the outfits! The colors, the high necklines, and oh the sequins! How fairy tale like was Katy Perry? And how precious was Joy Williams of the Civil Wars, all decked out with her baby bump? Who did you love from this Grammy night?

{Katy Perry}


{Carrie Underwood}

{Joy Williams}

{Kate Beckinsale}

{Jessie J}

{Paris Hilton}

{Kelly Osbourne}

{images via}

Weird Wednesday: Color Blocking…Literally

I’ve talked about the new trend of color blocking many times. Especially with fall coming up, it’s a great way to incorporate bright colors into a season that is otherwise living in a brown-ish toned color palate. With that said, I never thought of anyone taking this idea literally. As in blocks I mean. Well we shouldn’t be surprised that it was none other than Katy Perry that did just that. Just this past weekend at the VMA’s, she sported this amazingly hilarious look:

What’s even more surprising is that Katy didn’t just craft this up for herself. This is a genuine Christian Dior from the Fall 2011 collection! No joke. And how does that block stay atop her head? Well, after much DVR pausing during the awards show, I discovered that it is actually fastened to a headband. Genius! I love it and this just makes me happy.

Weird Wednesday: Sprinkle Nails!

Katy Perry is known for sporting one crazy manicure. I mean, she even has her own line of wacky out there polishes. {which I love!}  But while most of us are deciding between various shades of the season’s latest trending colors, she is deciding between actual pictures of kittens or the royal family. {this is not a joke} Alas, the most recent picture I saw of Ms. Perry’s nails, I felt was both weird, intriguing, and a total salute to my beloved little site! Sprinkle Nails!

Now I have nary a clue as to how home girl created this effect. One would think it would be stick on…but it looks a little chunky. Did she gob on clear polish and then stick her hand in the baking drawer? I guess it’s all in the mystery of yet another….Weird Wednesday!

{photo courtesy of Katy Perry’s Twitter}

Weird Wednesday: A Wacky Night at the Grammys

Weird indeed! This years Grammys seemed to be a contest on who could be the nuttiest, not the most fashionable. Well, I guess this batch of celebs are holding true to their title of “entertainers”. And entertaining it was!

The Lady takes the cake. Lady GaGa that is. She arrived in an egg. {yes, I said egg} It was carried in by a group of shimmery gold people ala an Egyptian princess. Oh, I’m sorry…were you expecting a simple black Dior? Yeah, no.

Nicki Minaj donned quite the interesting hair do for this years festivities. Sort of a “stuck your finger in a light socket” pouf, that worked its way down into cheetah sideburns…Hhhmmmm…..

Cee lo Green performed in this multi-colored, ‘Big Bird got into a rift with a gladiator’ ensamble.

Katy Perry graced the red carpet in none other than angel wings! You know you are a rock star when Armani creates a custom made angel gown for you.

Perry Pretty Nails

I love painting my nails. {see here} Rarely am I seen without some sort of polish on them. I have a deep appreciation for all colors; the classic pinks, the mysterious deep hues, and even the more nude colors that say ‘I just needed a little cover up’. However, most of the time I like to go against the grain and just paint them a crazy color for no other reason than it makes me happy to look at them. Enter, Katy Perry’s new line for OPI. Each color while wild, crazy, and all too perfect on their own, can be taken a step further. Purchase the black “shatter” color and swipe one coat atop any of the vibrant hues and it instantly ‘cracks’ and you see snippets of your underneath color. Can we say genius?!

Here’s my favorite, “Last Friday Night“…

Teenage Dream“…

Not Like the Movies“…

The One that Got Away“…

Here is what each color will look like when “shattered”. This can also be used on polish you already own! I will be running, not walking, to scoop up these colors!

Red Carpet Favorites

We are officially in awards season! This means 5 hour blocks of time where your favorite tv shows will not be airing, {nobody likes that part} however….it also means fabulous red carpet fashion! The People’s Choice aired Wednesday night and it is just the tip of the ice berg of trends. Colors, styles, makeup, even hair…so many ideas are started on this crimson carpet. Let me take you on a tour of the leading ladies I thought stole the show!

Katy Perry commands center stage in this Barbie-esque Betsy Johnson number and Casadei pink platform heels.

Nobody rocks a pant suite like Jennifer Anniston when she teams up with Dolce and Gabana.

Makeup, hair, the gown {Farah Angsana}…Ashley Tisdale got everything right.

{Her  dress reminds me of this dress from one of my favorite Golden Globe moments in 2003 by Kate Hudson wearing Valentino}

Kate Walsh always has fun with color and does it so well. I love the blue on this satin David Meiser mini dress.

I’m a huge fan of a one shoulder dress…add fabulous ruffle detailing, a sweet muted color and I’m sold! Selena Gomez is pink perfection in this Paule Ka dress.

{photos courtesy of}