Weird Wednesday: A Wacky Night at the Grammys

Weird indeed! This years Grammys seemed to be a contest on who could be the nuttiest, not the most fashionable. Well, I guess this batch of celebs are holding true to their title of “entertainers”. And entertaining it was!

The Lady takes the cake. Lady GaGa that is. She arrived in an egg. {yes, I said egg} It was carried in by a group of shimmery gold people ala an Egyptian princess. Oh, I’m sorry…were you expecting a simple black Dior? Yeah, no.

Nicki Minaj donned quite the interesting¬†hair do for this years festivities. Sort of a “stuck your finger in a light socket” pouf, that worked its way down into cheetah sideburns…Hhhmmmm…..

Cee lo Green performed in this multi-colored, ‘Big Bird got into a rift with a gladiator’ ensamble.

Katy Perry graced the red carpet in none other than angel wings! You know you are a rock star when Armani creates a custom made angel gown for you.

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