Red Carpet Favorites: The People’s Choice Awards

Awards season has officially begun and I am completely giddy about it! I love the anticipation of all the fabulous gowns, and the ever-present peek each celeb’s outfit gives us into the season ahead. Will there be pastels? Neons? Jewel tones? Or how about the shapes, lengths, and materials? It’s all a mystery until that red carpet is rolled out. The People’s Choice Awards this year left me with no disappointment. There were colors, interesting shapes, and just utter style. The following are just a few of my favorites… Who were some of your¬†favorites on this red carpet?

First off, two of my favorite dresses of the evening had a counter part. Another dress on the red carpet that was similar in design structure and general idea, but in the execution of said outfit…it all went south. I find it interesting how one idea can be conveyed in two totally different ways. The first, let’s begin with one of my favorites, Lea Michele.

{Lea Michele can do no wrong in my fashion book}

The counter part? Jennifer Morrison wore a dress very similar in style, but disappointing in the way it resembled a table runner at your grandma’s house.

Another counterpart…Kristen Bell in a lace and leather number that was the perfect combo of the two:

The not so great similar sister? Ashley Greene, {who I was so sad I had to not like her outfit!} also wore a lace and leather combo, but this interpretation just seemed a bit on the Forever21 side:

Ok… and now on to the rest of my FAVORITES!

{I am obsessed with both the shape AND color of this on Ginnifer Goodwin}

{I love how young, fun, and super trendy Beth Behrs looks!}

{I don’t know if I would wear this, but I am loving the actual design of this incredible mini on Lucy Hale}

{Between the color and the design of the sleeve, this is such a feminine dress. And Nina Dobrev is stunning}

{Hostess with the mosses…Kaley Cuoco played host to the festivities and was so elegant doing so}

{Julianne Hough has been a favorite of mine since her days on Dancing with the Stars, and this red carpet is no different. L-O-V-E this shimmery dress!}

{images via Wonderwall}

2 responses

  1. I loved Ginnifer’s dress. And people gave her crap for the bell sleeves, but that was my fav part! Without them it was just another pink dress!

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