To Spend or Not to Spend: The Perfect Summer Sandal

While I am always a fan of a super high heel, it’s not always the most functional. Especially in the summer…running errands, going to the beach, walking around a flea market, all reasons to pick up a great summer sandal. While I already have a wide variety of fabulous flats, I still fell in love with this pair from Dolce Vita…just not the price tag.

So doing a little research, and thanks to the mecca that is the Target shoe department, I found these babies for just a fraction of the cost! And only a minor difference in the straps and the gold tipping of the front of the shoe. Now with these “To Spend or Not to Spend” posts I always remind you that less expensive in most cases means not as great quality. In the shoe department that means they might not be as comfy, last as long, etc. But when you consider I broke a pair of pricy shoes in a glass door once, and many of my Payless shoe finds are still kicking it, it’s often times worth the shot to go the “save” route.

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