Have Bag, Will Travel

I love to travel. Whether it’s an hour drive, or a 10 hour flight…I love to explore, try new foods, and sample various fashion trends from all over. Different parts of the world dress in so many various ways and put outfits together like I’ve never seen in my corner of the world. I also love how the fabrics and patterns will vary from place to place. I haven’t been afforded the opportunity to do too much “world” travel, so sometimes I like to live vicariously through the eyes, or camera lenses, of others. I was completely blown away by a post from one of my favorite fellow fashion bloggers, The Glamourai {see the entire post here}. She took a trip to Morocco which I followed very closely thanks to her Instagram account. Besides the amazing scenery, food, and fashion…what stuck with me the most was her adorable backpack she picked up in a local market! Now seeing as I have no current plans to head to Morocco, I felt high and dry with no hope of discovering my own little backpack treasure…

Well never fear, Urban Outfitters is here! They have a super cute collection of “world traveler” inspired backpacks and I particularly fell in love with this one. It will be perfect for summer, and of course….all those global adventures I hope to take one day!

{images via theglamourai.com & Urban Outfitters}

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