Scents of the Islands

This time of year invokes a certain frustration…the time of year where you almost swap out all your wintery clothes for your bright and summery ones, only to have those hopes DASHED by an unexpected cold weather front. Last week I was sporting a sundress and sandals. Yesterday? Boots and a stinkin scarf. Come on! So in order to try and recover from my deep sadness over the lack of sunshine, sundresses, or any combination of the two, I decided I am going to have to create my own “summer” feel.

Me loathing of cold weather aside, I love love love anything to do with the ocean. I miss it terribly everyday. Take a look at this picture from Coastal Living…brings me joy and yes, those starfish are real. Just looking at this makes me happy.

Strolling through the mall the other day I discovered the tropical scents of Bath & Body Works candles, and let me tell you…they are fabulous! Instant transportation to a tropical oasis. Perfect for getting me through these last grey weeks of winter, and perfect for enhancing the gloriousness of summertime… whenever it finally decides to arrive.┬áHere are my top picks from their Slatkin & Co. collection:

Seaside Escape transports you  to a front porch with an ocean front view

This might be the best coconut scent in a candle ever.

You know how scents can relate to certain memories? Island Nectar transports me to one of my favorite boutiques from when I lived in Palm Beach. I want to have this scent going 24/7!