Vanity Fair Party Flair

Just when you thought the glam gown parade was over, the Vanity Fair Oscar after party completely blew it all out of the water again. I thought these ladies dazzled on the red carpet, but some of them saved the best for last. With just as glamorous and just as glittery dresses, the post Academy Award bashes totally rocked the night away. Many more risks were taken and I loved the results of those risks! The other plus was getting to spot stars that were not in attendance at the actual awards show.

{Images via the Huffington Post}

Obsessed with Lily Collins dress and it’s craftsmanship….

Kate Bosworth’s sassy dress is AMAZING!

Kelly Osbourne is always a surprise and I love the playfulness of her whole outfit.

Kate Hudson is always enviously cute and fun!

Can’t get over Georgina Chapman’s shoulders on this amazing dress!

Elizabeth Bank’s looked amazing in this color and I love the feather detailing…

Cameron Diaz is the ultimate California girl….


Coachella is an annual music festival held in California. They had quite an awesome musical lineup this year including Kings of Leon, but what was even more entertaining to me were the fashions of those in attendance.  Some were a little too out there for me, but still incredibly fun. The vibe is very laid back, and it is clearly expressed in the fashions.  I loved looking through all the snapshots… such a great way to glean inspiration for future outfits. So, clearly I had to share! Here are some of my favorites…it goes without saying that I would love to attend this event one year.

As far as summer wear goes, I’m a huge advocate of the all American classic denim short, and I love the addition of the funky short boot. {Kate Bosworth}

I’m all about a floral sun dress and I love the bright shoes! {Hillary Kerr}

Target is currently selling a similar dress and I love the pairing of it with the belt.

I love the floppy hat. You would expect it to be paired with a sweet summer maxi dress, yet I like the surprise of it paired with the tougher look. {Elin Kling}

Disney + leather + studs = perfection….

This whole outfit is awesome. I love the sweetness of the top paired with the familiarity of the denim shorts. Notice her shades match her sandals…love! {Camilla Belle}

Stripes are my latest obsession. However, I never thought to pair it with such a fun, floral scarf. I also love the rough biker ankle boots!

If research for this post has taught me anything it is that I need to own:

A.} a sweet for summer cream colored shirt

B.} yet another pair of denim cut offs, this time in white

C.} grungy cool ankle boots

{Photos courtesy of Refinery29}

Celebrity Copycatting

Last week I talked about the major sale going on at Target where they are re-releasing some of the most popular dresses from their Go International collections. I was super excited to find that a few I had purchased over the years made the re-release. However, with any great clothing collection, there’s always a few that ‘get away’.

One of those being this dress:

One reason I was so smitten with this dress was because I saw in on, yes I know…a celebrity. Being someone who cannot exactly afford to scoop up every high designer look to grace a runway or a celebrity, I love when you see a trend that’s not only affordable, but attainable.

I think it’s the perfect summer dress. Come fall, throw on some leggings, boots, a cute jacket…and you’re set again! I am a firm believer in blazing your own trail, but there’s just something fun about playing copycat with a celeb look. And seeing as they tend to have an inside scoop on trends to come, it’s always a safe place to search for fun new looks.

Thanks to my dear friend Kelly for picking this up for me today. They were already sold out online and she did a little detective work for me at a nearby Target. Three cheers for Kelly and three cheers for economically smart, fabulously fun, summer dresses!