Loco for Lipstick

I’ve recently decided that there is nothing more wonderful than a really fantastic shade of lipstick. It can brighten the gloomiest of days, perk up the dullest of outfits, and the list just goes on and on. I by no means think of myself as an expert on the lipstick subject, nor do I have a beyond fascinating collection. I do however, have a few shades that I love and adore and thought it would be fun to share them with you! One thing I do like about my current collection, is the diversity. I have shades that a rockstar would love, as well as shades Princess Kate herself I feel would stop and ask me who makes it. {ok, maybe that last part is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the general idea…or perhaps dream} And tell me, what are your favorite “go-to” shades?


{from left to right}

{Revlon Strawberry Suede, Revlon Berry Haute, MAC Pink Nouveau, MAC Hopscotch, MAC Myth}

To Spend or Not to Spend: Valentine Red

One of my favorite holidays is almost here! Yes, it’s almost Valentine’s Day! All the PINKS, REDS, and did I mention PINKS? I basically prep for February 14th as soon as the fireworks are cleared up after New Years. With that said, the first step is obviously a great Val-day manicure! Today I want to talk about a cosmetic obsession you don’t have to feel guilty about. Because let’s face it, we all have a mountain of nail polishes and who really needs to drop $15 dollars on yet another bottle? One of my favorite reds that I would love to sport is Butter London’s Chancer. The PERFECT red with just the right amount of glitter. The eerily perfect matching counterpart? Revlon’s Cherry Crush. Same shade, much different price point. Under $5 dollars is much more wallet friendly! Revlon in particular has some pretty fabulous “copycats” to the big brand shades out there. And honestly, I find the lasting time on my nails to be better! Tell me what you think!

To Spend…

Or Not to Spend…

Personal Shopper: Fall Nail Polish

It’s time for another Personal Shopper segment! My friend Sonja is looking for the perfect fall nail polish, but of course wants to stay on trend and is wondering what are the hottest shades of the season. This is somewhat of a confusing season, as she pointed out, there seem to be a smattering of neon brights all over the place but as one would imagine, that does not necessarily invoke thoughts of crisp fall leaves and apple pie. The neon trend really boomed on the streets of NY Fashion Week and the neon look is still in, with the slight adjustment of using those neon colors in creative ways to make crazy DIY designs and patterns on your nails. Like this one…

However, the true staples of fall are still here, and I will always love and appreciate a sassy dark nail color during this season. It’s rich and it’s classic, just make sure to keep up with your manicure…nothing is worse than chipping dark nails! So here are some of the colors that are really standing out…

My new absolute favorite is OPI’s Lincoln Park at Midnight. Not to be confused with my favorite from last year, Lincoln Park After Dark. At Midnight is a shinier, richer purple hue, and I cannot get enough. {I’m wearing it right now!}

I’m all about a good drugstore find and nothing beat’s Revlon’s Vixen. It’s an extremely deep wine color that almost crosses over into the brown family. So classic fall.

If you start to tire of the reds and deep purples of the season, don’t forget about the stunning deep blue family! Try MAC’s Rain of Flowers.

Greens are huge this season. Everything from something shimmery, to a rich evergreen. This one is Rimmel London’s Rags to Riches.

I know for myself, it’s a bit hard to put away my hot pinks for a season, but with these fabulous colors. It’s not too hard anymore!

Kissing Summer Goodbye

I experienced what had to be the most relaxing Labor Day ever… It rained non stop so I never felt guilty that I did not work out, did not go grocery shopping, and that I just spent lots of quality time with my man, ate ‘bad for me’ food, and most importantly, rested. It had been a week where I needed that rest and I’m so thankful for it. What else am I thankful for? The fact that last night for the first time, it felt like fall. Perhaps it was the smell of homemade cinnamon rolls I’d made that morning that still lingered in the air, but the temp had dropped, and it just felt like a new season was about to arrive. {even though I am still counting down to our beach vacation…so close!!} I’m ready to start talking fall fashion a lot more seriously and what better place to start than your makeup? I love red lips but for some reason do not always look that awesome sporting this bold color. Not the case however with Strawberry Suede from Revlon.

I’ve talked before about my love for this particular lipstick shade and I wanted to reinforce how it can also be the perfect fall transition color. Not too deep, and not too summer-y pink. So run out to your local drug store and pick up this little tube…it will be the most cost-effective, sassy addition to your fall wardrobe. Now that Labor Day is officially over, I’ll be swiping on this color, will you?

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

In honor of this little holiday, I thought I’d share some fun outfits that embrace the color, life and hope of the soon coming summer, of the 5th of May. I’m obviously a huge fan of bright colors, and I am more than ready to pack up my scarfs and sweaters. Bring on the fun skirts, cute tanks, and funky shoes!

I love the new trend of skirt-ish shorts:

I am in love with this dress…and I love the off the shoulder and white detailing!

Granted, this little seashell bag is not going to hold a lot, but it doesn’t matter if it’s this adorable!

This skirt is so much fun it is just screaming to be taken to a fun poolside party!

Looking for the perfect summer red? Try Revlon’s Strawberry Suede. Not too red, and has just a hint of summer.

This white with crochet top can be paired with just about anything. Especially denim bottoms and some super fun stacked wedges.

I know I’ve already talked about these, but how perfect for a summer fun fest?! Plus I just really like looking at them!

I love this floral dress…perfect for anything summer throws your way…

Even in the month of May, a cooler day can sneak up on you. Always good to have a fun summery accessory like this one to help cut out the chill.