To Spend or Not to Spend: The Perfect Summer Sandal

While I am always a fan of a super high heel, it’s not always the most functional. Especially in the summer…running errands, going to the beach, walking around a flea market, all reasons to pick up a great summer sandal. While I already have a wide variety of fabulous flats, I still fell in love with this pair from Dolce Vita…just not the price tag.

So doing a little research, and thanks to the mecca that is the Target shoe department, I found these babies for just a fraction of the cost! And only a minor difference in the straps and the gold tipping of the front of the shoe. Now with these “To Spend or Not to Spend” posts I always remind you that less expensive in most cases means not as great quality. In the shoe department that means they might not be as comfy, last as long, etc. But when you consider I broke a pair of pricy shoes in a glass door once, and many of my Payless shoe finds are still kicking it, it’s often times worth the shot to go the “save” route.

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A Little Help from My Friend…

Girls love to share fashion secrets {at least this one does!}. So I make sure to surround myself with fabulously fashionable friends who feel the same exact way. I’ve previously chatted about my love and current hunt for a brightly colored skinny jean. {I’ve also had a few readers write in who are on the same hunt!} These brightly hued skinnies are popping up all over the place and I want to get in on the action. Thanks to my fashionista friend Kelly, for hitting the jackpot at none other than good ol’ Target this weekend. Not only do they carry just about every color in the rainbow, they also have two different shades of animal print! Don’t let me forget to mention how affordable they are. Click {here} to view their entire selection. I’m thinking green for St. Patty’s Day… Red for the summer… Blue for trips to the ocean… The list could go on!

Kelly’s choice…

Some of my favorites…

Now the only problem…which pair to choose?!

Jason Wu for Target

You know I love a good colab! When these fabulous designers reach out to the stores of the “little people” and make their unique creations available at a fraction of the cost, it makes my heart go pitter patter. Target is the mecca of collaborations and their Jason Wu collection is just as delightful. {in stores & online now!} The designer got his major break designing the First Lady’s inauguration dress and from there has gone on to dress all of Hollywood royalty. Filled with girlie dresses, different patterns, and interesting fabrics, his clothes are fantastic. Not to mention this collection is much more attainable than some from Target’s past. {no crashing of websites, canceled orders, etc….MISSONI! No hard feelings though}.

So, will you be picking up anything from the new Jason Wu collection?

Gift Guide: Hostess with the Mostess

The Christmas season of course brings with it, gift giving… So over the next couple weeks I will be offering up some gift guides in various categories to try and assist you along the way. Starting today! Not only does Christmas bring about gift giving, but it brings about… PARTY SEASON! I l-o-v-e a good party, especially a Christmas party. All of this means that somewhere along the way you are going to have to pick out a hostess gift. When looking for this gift, think along the lines of the person’s taste, and keep on track with a purchase they would probably never pick out for themselves.

Like whimsical kitchen accessories…. So much fun, but most of the time you pick up things in a pinch and don’t think of the über creative items like these…

{measuring cups}

{old-fashioned measuring spoons}

Candles are a great gift as well. If you know your hostess’ favorite sent, go with that. If not, surprise them with YOUR favorite. Be sure to stick with the season.

{Merry Mistletoe three-wick candle}

No one can have too much stationary. You can either get a set monogrammed for the host, or simply travel to Target. Their stationary collection is one of my favorites.

{set of 12 note cards}

Nothing beats an incredible chocolate! Some fabulous truffles are everyone’s best friend. Fact!

{Godiva truffles}

I can’t take credit for this idea, but I sure do plan on using it! Rachel Bilson wrote in InStyle magazine that one of her favorite hostess gifts to give is a home-made sweet treat with the recipe attached on a cute card! {even include the rest of the recipe card set} What a fabulous idea…a treat to enjoy right away, and the ability to make it again any time!

{Anthropologie recipe cards}

Happy Shopping!

Missoni for Target

I have talked more than once about those big and fabulous designers creating lines for Target. They have had some pretty amazing ones. Even though you still have to wait for them to hit the sale rack, cause lets be honest, we can’t bring ourselves to drop 50 bucks on sundress from Target. But just when you think they’ve reached the brink of amazing designers, they go and outdo themselves! This September {the 13th to be exact} Target will open its clothing department to none other than Missoni. I’m pretty sure I squealed when I happened upon this information. Not familiar with the brand? Allow me to introduce….

The Italian based company is known for their famous zig zag patterns, wicked expensive price tags, and massive celebrity following. I love the bold use of colors, and funky shapes. Seeing as it will premier just at the cusp of fall, it will add an incredibly fun element to our winter wardrobes!

The collection for Target will contain over 400 pieces including men’s, women’s, children, and even home decor; of which I am particularly excited about!  Don’t feel like you will remember this special event seeing as it is sadly as it is nearly four months away? Never fear, I will of course be here to give you a friendly little reminder.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

In honor of this little holiday, I thought I’d share some fun outfits that embrace the color, life and hope of the soon coming summer, of the 5th of May. I’m obviously a huge fan of bright colors, and I am more than ready to pack up my scarfs and sweaters. Bring on the fun skirts, cute tanks, and funky shoes!

I love the new trend of skirt-ish shorts:

I am in love with this dress…and I love the off the shoulder and white detailing!

Granted, this little seashell bag is not going to hold a lot, but it doesn’t matter if it’s this adorable!

This skirt is so much fun it is just screaming to be taken to a fun poolside party!

Looking for the perfect summer red? Try Revlon’s Strawberry Suede. Not too red, and has just a hint of summer.

This white with crochet top can be paired with just about anything. Especially denim bottoms and some super fun stacked wedges.

I know I’ve already talked about these, but how perfect for a summer fun fest?! Plus I just really like looking at them!

I love this floral dress…perfect for anything summer throws your way…

Even in the month of May, a cooler day can sneak up on you. Always good to have a fun summery accessory like this one to help cut out the chill.

Miss Trish for Target

Last year I became slightly obsessed with the Miss Trish line at Target. Everything about each pair brought back memories of a gorgeous, carefree day in Palm Beach. So imagine my delight when I turned down the shoe isle a couple weeks ago at Target to see those famous bright blue boxes of little Miss Trish. This season her shoe collection stirs up the same great memories…the only problem? Narrowing down my selection, because I am loving every single pair!

I love the detailing on these. Nothing is better than a happy shoe!

Sometimes you can’t always wear heels. {I can’t think of a situation at the moment, but I’m sure there is} I love flip flops, but sometimes you just need that little extra ‘oomf’! These give you just that!

With all the maxi dresses I am so in love with these days, you’ve got to find the perfect wedge to pair with one that may be a little too long. Enter this adorable little seahorse pair! I love brown and gold for summer, and the tiny reminder of the ocean just seals the deal for me.

Now these I have a completely legitimate excuse to purchase. Just the other day I completely murdered my black sandals in a door. Yeah, don’t try that at home. I love the jungle theme with the rhinestone jaguar.

Now’s the hard part…which to choose?!

Find that Look: Lauren Alaina

Aside from the ever so stylish and always fabulous JLo, most American Idol “style” has left me less than satisfied. That is until last night. I thought Lauren Alaina looked adorable and so perfect for her country duet. She looked age appropriate, great match for the song yet not too country bumpkin. I also would not mind owning a dress like that! Even if you are not a “country” fan, this dress would be perfect on any girl for a summer outing.

The original dress, I discovered, is from Arden B and also comes in a choral color. Sadly, both are out of stock online. If you live near a store, it would be worth a shot to take a peek and see if any are still on the racks! If you do not have this type of shopping fervor, or you were unlucky in your search, I have you covered. Target has a very similar dress for an even less expensive price point than the Arden B dress, and it would look equally precious with a great chunky brown belt and some fabulous stacked wedge heels.

My Favorite Boots

I’ve talked before about how I love to copy celebrities when it comes to fashion. What do I love more? Finding celebrities wearing pieces that I ALREADY have! It’s like some sort of little victory. It’s like taking a test, holding your breath, and then discovering you’ve gotten all the answers right. Ok, you get the picture.

A few months ago, I purchased these boots from Target:

While watching the Bachelor one evening, during the hometown date of the supermassive fashionista, Emily Maynard, lo and behold she appears in my boots!

I was like, “aren’t those my Target boots?!”. Surely the girl who just last week sported fabulous Louboutins doesn’t shop in the same shoe section as moi. Then it happened again:

This time paying a little more attention, and pausing the television a time or two, I discovered that they most certainly were my Target boots. Score!

Then it happened AGAIN just yesterday. I’m in love with Twitter and not ashamed to say that I follow a schmorgasboard of Disney stars. One of which is Selena Gomez and I bet you can’t guess what boots she sent a “twitpic” of?

There they are again! Let’s keep our eyes on that Target shoe department… and stay ahead of even the celebrities!

Celebrity Copycatting

Last week I talked about the major sale going on at Target where they are re-releasing some of the most popular dresses from their Go International collections. I was super excited to find that a few I had purchased over the years made the re-release. However, with any great clothing collection, there’s always a few that ‘get away’.

One of those being this dress:

One reason I was so smitten with this dress was because I saw in on, yes I know…a celebrity. Being someone who cannot exactly afford to scoop up every high designer look to grace a runway or a celebrity, I love when you see a trend that’s not only affordable, but attainable.

I think it’s the perfect summer dress. Come fall, throw on some leggings, boots, a cute jacket…and you’re set again! I am a firm believer in blazing your own trail, but there’s just something fun about playing copycat with a celeb look. And seeing as they tend to have an inside scoop on trends to come, it’s always a safe place to search for fun new looks.

Thanks to my dear friend Kelly for picking this up for me today. They were already sold out online and she did a little detective work for me at a nearby Target. Three cheers for Kelly and three cheers for economically smart, fabulously fun, summer dresses!